Dear Ma,

I didn’t read anyone’s post about their mom yet because I didn’t want to hinder what I wanted to say about my own mom. I didn’t want any ideas in my head and actually I’ve been thinking about this topic all day, also while thinking about it I was thinking about Tupac and his song. I don’t think I want to write along the lines of a letter because I am sure one day I am going to show her and she can read it, but if I could tell her anything…

I would tell her that she is beautiful and that she is strong. She has so much courage for raising my brother and I alone for, so many years while still taking care of my dad. Life isn’t easy, life is never easy. If life was easy then we will never be grateful for everything we have achieved. Raising us wasn’t easy, we tested her and pushed her to the limit, but at the end of the day she never gave up on us. Everything from dying hair to going out late. I know to a normal family those things should be conventional. Teens dye their hair all the time, but for some reason in order to dye my hair we had to fight nail and tooth. Till this day, I still don’t understand why all these minute details mattered, hair grows, color changes, and seasons past. But I am sure, she had her reasons and one day I’ll understand. But I’m grateful I didn’t dye my hair I really love my long black hair, just wish it wasn’t so fizzy half the time. Another thing I wish my mom did was breathe, breathing is healthy, but she never breathed. She needs to take a well deserved vacation. She pushed us to go to Chinese school, dance, summer lessons, tutor, art… etc,etc, and etc. At the time I was very unhappy with all these activities because I had no social life, and yeah sometimes I do think that is still true. I wish I had a childhood with someone who taught me to swim or ride bikes, I felt like I was sent to classes after classes after classes because now I have lack of memories. Now sometimes I feel like we have to try to create memories of us together.

At the end of the day, I am grateful for my mom for my family including my baby brother. They are what drive day to day life and what motivates a person to be better and better and try to achieve their dreams. I hope my mama has achieved her dreams after all the difficulties that life throws at her.

Love ya mums!



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Mom


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